Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i have my fingers crossed haha
i sure hope dad gets him a buck. o pinenuts and deer jerky would hit the spot right now haha. any thing but rice and beans would hit the spot right now haha. i am waitin on that package to get here not just for the card but the cookies you hid it in haha. i did eat tacos last night and that was way good! we went and stayed the night at other elders house and we made them and then ate until we were about sick haha. but it was way good. then this morning we all woke up and went and played soccer, so now im dead tired haha. i have one kid in our house that works out alot at night too and likes when he has someone to work out with. so, i am way sore from that too haha. this week was pretty cool though. we marked a baptism date of natsha and she will be baptised this weekend so that will be way cool. also i had to talk in church on my first sunday in the ward haha. they called me and told me at nine at night the night before haha. but i got through it pretty good. o and guess what i saw in my area this week. an allegator haha. it jumped out of the bushes and scared the crap out of us one night while we were walking home along this little stream thing we have in our area. it wasn't very big, only like 3 to 4 feet, but it was cool to see him. i will get a picture of him for you guys. the next day we saw him sun bathing along the stream. it was way cool though. things are goin good in the area, just finding people to teach. we found this one guy that is really good. he read the pamphlet we gave him and had so many questions for us and stuff that he really liked. it was way cool. we are gonna try to mark a baptism date for him this week. other than that, its the same old thing in manaus, very hot and it rains about once a day here now. its nice, but you just have to try to dodge the storms or you get soaked haha. and the humitity is so high right now, so thats always fun haha. but i got to run. tell everyone hi for me. i love you guys

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