Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hey dad and mom happy birthday april 16 haha
sounds like things are going good back at home. thats cool that you are riding your bike a lot i want to see your bike. and dont worry you will make it 100 miles. i will try to use my card again we dont have a bank in my area so we just have to get money out when we go into town. thats cool that wyatt was baptized and that is way cool that his dad could baptize him you dont realize how big of a blessing it is to have your family be in the church till you see how it is with people that their family arent members. this week here was a little rough the start of the week but finished really good. my companion drank some bad water so he was sick for all but the last two days of this week. we are having troubles with suzienni she is pretty much avoiding us. her family has been lying to us a little bit about her not being home so that is a big bummer she was so close but we are gonna give here one more try then we have to just leave the invite to the only true church on this earth because we have to move on we have other people we need to be teaching. we marked a wedding and two baptizms for may 8 so we are excited about that but we have transfers this week so i could get transfered before it. we found this really cool family the other day and have a family night tomorrow with them and some members so that will be cool. but to make the week i got to hear from elder holland today and yesterday. so amazing!!! his first talk was with the members of manaus it blew me away it was about troubles in life and how we can not look at them like its god punishing us. the whole topic of it was that god loves broken things and especaily broken hearts and contrite spirits, he explained how god shows his love to us in our trials because with out him we would never even come close to being able to bare it. and to never give up our testimonies for any circumstance in the world. amazing then today he had one with just the missionaries. i got to shake the hand of an apostle of our allmighty god mom and dad. the power that man has is incredible! he asked me where i was from and i told him and he was like panaca! everyone is from panaca haha it was cool. then he gave another amazing talk on obedience and doing the work of the lord. such an awesome expience he is so funny too it was way cool. so next week i might be emailing you from a different place my companion say i am going to am interior haha. the interior is the little areas in the jungles with all the monkeys haha. he just came from this little island in the amazon river he said it was awesome. so we are just waiting to see if either of us are leaving we find out saturday. time is flying by though can you beliave i get to call you here in a couple of weeks! but anyways thaat was my week i am gonna try to send pictures so i hope it works but i love you guys and thanks for everything you have done for me and continue to do! love you guys

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