Wednesday, April 28, 2010

o and yes those are the little kids that i had to take care of at church haha

On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 2:54 PM, Dylan Cord Hansen wrote:

hey mom and dad
im excited to talk to you two next week! this is how it is gonna go i will call you one day next week mom and tell you a time and a number for you guy to call here. so watch for my call next week but if you dont answer i will just leave a message. but any ways this week i got transfered. i am now living in the middle of the city in a place called Gloria. it is a place that has mostly the less welthy people. it is in the down town of the city but you can see the river from it it is pretty cool. my companion is a brazilian he is cool i like him but that means not one word in english for the next six weeks. but i am gonna like it i can speak well enough to where we can converse and he likes to converse so we talk a lot to each other. he likes a lot of the stuff i do he has always wanted to ride dirt bikes so he thinks that is way cool. he likes to ride horses and bulls and thats something i have always wanted to do so we get along good haha. right now though he has a problem in his back it is like something he was born with that just showed up like a month ago so he cant work much so that means lots of studding for us but they are gonne wait a couple more weeks to see if it gets any better cuz he is taking medicine for it but he might have to go home and get surgury so we will just have to see. but i was a little bummed to leave my last area we had just found some really cool families. we had a wedding and two baptisms marked for next week of margarete and her husband ondino and baptizing margarete and here daughter camila. ondino is already a member and active. then we found this one family with three daughters of 9, 12, and 15 the one with 15 years has a sickness where she lost all her hair and cant get too tired they were at church this week and loved it and we were at there house tuesday night teaching and they asked when they could be baptized it was way cool and we had a family night that they loved too so it was hard leaving them but we will find people here. but i am liking it here it is way different so far. when i was walking to into to the house the first day this giant parrot squacked right next to my head bout scared me to death haha. it is the next door neighbors pet pretty cool. but i got to go mom and dad sounds like you guys are doing great i think dads got the good end of the deal on this whole bike riding thing haha but mom i am gonna have to do one of these races with you when i get back it sounds fun. i will talk to you guys next week two times actually haha love you guys!

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