Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hey mom and dad, Another week gone how crazy is that. it seems like i emailed you yesterday. it sounds like panaca is good old panaca. thats way cool that john is off to the mtc its so crazy all the boys are on missions now and next is maud so crazy. i heard from chauncy too that was way nice. haha we will trade all the stories that we cant tell you or his mom haha. tell taylor to get on the ball and get his licence i havebeen thinking a lot about him. What is he gonna do after high school?does he know yet? im glad to hear your service project went good the lord knows everything and will make things happen when he wants. this week has been a crazy one but good. we had our baptism saturday it was supposed to be three suzeinni, edwardo, and paulo victor but it ended up being just paulo victor caz suzeinnis baby got sick. but it was kind of a stressfull day i think we walked fifty miles it felt like haha. but it was way cool. i baptized paulo my first time ever i was so nervous. i thought i was gonna mess up on the prayer but i didnt so i only had to dunk him once haha. but it was a way cool thing his family is great and really likes us his uncle is like an amazon guide he is bringing pirctures of the anaconda he caught for us to see. i am loving mission life! you work till you almost cant walk by the end of the night then wake up at six thirty and do it again. seriously i wouldnt want to be living any other way right now. we are finding new people everyday and it is great the lord really does prepare people and put them in a place where we will find them. so i am gonna try to send pictures one of these days i went and saw the black river todayand saw where the amazon river meets it. the river is so huge! we went to the jungle too that was cool i saw a black leppord it was way cool. i am doing good though i gained my wheight back and am actually up to 135 now. my companion ate at that house that i got sick at the first week and he got sick too. but we figures it out its cuz they put intestin in the beans haha but i am acostomed to it now. i also ate an indian food this week called feswada it is pretty narly haha pigs feet intestins pig snout and other mistery meet haha it wasnt the greatest but i didnt get sick so thats good. well mom and dad i got to go but i love you guys talk to ya next week mabe on tuesday cuz elder holland has a conference with just us missionarys wednsday.

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