Wednesday, May 5, 2010

hey mom and dad
only a few more days!!! how crazy is that? after this only two more calls home. it is seriously going by so fast! can you believe next month is six months for me?! and i will be 20 so crazy! sounds like everything is going good there just be careful on your bike mom and dad try to keep her out of the traffic haha. this week was good. my companion is excited agian now that i am here so we are working everyday. it is way cool the Lord is blessing him with so muh strength. and because of ou efforts the Lord is placing people in front of us. we went to church and this family that my companion didn't know was there so we talked to them. the dad has been a member but in active and the rest of the family aren't members but the wife was unpacking a boxes, cuz they just moved into the area, and saw a book of mormon and asked if the husbnd was a member of this church and then dicided to go to church and now we are teaching them. they are way excited and progressing way fast so amazing how the Lord works. then i have a story you that just blew me away. remember that guy from my first transfer that had an addiction to drugs and was gonna try to kill hiself but then my companion said that to him and he shook our hand the next day. well, that first transfer he moved away. so, we were looking for this house of one of our contacts yesterday and we couldnt find it so we were walking up this road in our area and i hear some one say my name and was like what no one knows me in this area then that same guy came over to me that we helped in my first area and told me he has changed his life and got his wife back and showed me his new car. he was way exited to show me it. so we were talking and he said that he moved to this area and then asked if we could come share our message with him and his wife saturday. I was totally blown away! tell me that is a coincidence and i will call you a lier! that is the Lord workng in his way and time so amazing!!! so this area is good i am liking it. we do have to stay in the house a little still but it has given me some good study time. i am half way done with the book of mormon in english and am through matthew in the bible in portugeuse. i cant beleive how much more i get out of thee scriptures here. so things are going good here. i thought i was in the getto my first transfer but i think i was just shell shocked. haha but remember when i told you about those houses on stilts? thats what alot of my area is. o and something cool about my area is that part of it is on the coast of Rio Negro (negro river) it is way cool but they have some places to fish there so it is torture to see people fising haha. but i got to go i will call sunday afternoon to give you the number to call. i wll try to time it where you aren't in church but i don't know if you have church in the morning or in the afternoon but if you dont answer i will call later and i will call your cell phone mom. talk to you guys sunday love ya

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