Monday, July 18, 2011

hey mom and dad.
holy cow another week gone by! it has been going by so fast latley! i think it is because we are always running here. i got my flight plans. i was really excited to see them. it will be so good to get to see st claire too! thats cool you guy are gonna go visit him before too. they will be able to help you get on the right plane coming to here. the gonzaga family is getting excited to see you guys too! still a little over four months left but they are getting anxious haha. but anyways things are going good here. it is getting really hot!!!! today it was 104 degrees! i was melting. we had an emergency transfer this week cuz an american missionary got his visa and came early, so president moved tons of stuff! my companion went to a little city with the new missionary and i'm with elder damacseno. he is the executive secretary. he got here the same time i did in the office. we are still in my old area though. he is ending his mission this transfer, in September, or in october cuz president gave him the choice of staying another transfer cuz he needs him to train a new secretary. it has been comfirmed, i will be in here for another two transfers. so, i'm gonna break a record in the manaus mission for the longest time in the office haha. i will get out for my last transfer, hopefully, and go to a new area. i am gonna ask president if i can finish my mission in gloria cuz i won't have enough time to really get to know the ward and lots of people. so it would be cool to go back there cuz i really liked it there, and i already know the area. but we will see what happens here in three months, haha. if i get sent somewhere esle it will be fine too. transfers are next week. i'm not real excited about that haha. that just means more work for me. we will see how this fist transfer goes with president too. he is starting to get the hang of things, just needs more time. i think we are running him to death haha. he hasn't stopped since he got here. but things will calm down here in a little bit. i am just struggling with getting all the houses in the little cities reformed so the elders have a place to live next week when the areas get opened. it is tough reforming a house in a different city when you don't know any one that lives there haha. i sent a member from here there yesterday to reform three houses by next week haha. his name is Delson, he is really cool. he was in my first area too. he is the one that took us to hunt allegators haha. he helps me out a lot here. you guys will have the chance to meet him and his family when you guys get here. they are really special people. but i better run mom and dad i still have to go pick up a fridge for some elders. i love you guys talk to you next week

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