Wednesday, April 13, 2011

hey mom and dad.
you guys are getting old, haha, and so am i. i got a p day today!!!! i haven't been in the office at all today! we went and played soccer this morning then went to the zoo. now im just waiting for seven a clock and i am going to play soccer with all the members. haha. i felt like a caged animal freed, so what did i do, went to see other caged animals haha. it was a lot of fun and did me a lot of good! it felt to get out in the sun and run around. it took a lot of stress off of me. then my package got here today so that made it even better. thanks for all of the stuff! i'm tryin not to eat all my jerkey today haha. all the little salt water taffies turned into soup though. all the things were stuck together in there haha. but they didn't get to my new white shirt or the magazines, so that is good. it's a good thing you guys sent me that shirt. i caught one of mine on a fence last week and ripped a hole in my sleeve. i think this one will fit a lot better too. so things sound like they are going good there. is emmy still a fat little dog? she is starting to get old too now. that's way crazy about those turkeys! i bet all those guys were real confused for a little bit haha. is there still snow up in the mountains? it is just raining a lot here! it is amost over though and ready to start into summer. then i will be feeling it haha. things are going good here though. i am still working like crazy working things out, but its starting to slow down now. we hardly didn't get to leave the office last week, but the lord was seeing that we were way busy and sent us some golden investgators right to our front door! this couple shows up here and asks for someone that can show them around the church. so we are like, well you found the right people. we took them through a tour of the church and they were amazed how organized it is and how beautiful it is. then we are up stairs and they start looking at the painting of jesus getting baptized by john the baptist and were like, you know i have everything i need in my life but i have never been baptized and thats something that i feel i am missing. (as me and my companions jaws drop to the floor) we are going there tomorrow and marking their baptismal date for the first week of May. i am way excited for them. o and all of the people we baptized the other week are doing good now. they were all at church sunday and claudo got a present from one of the members, a white shirt and tie. he was way excited to get it so he could look like all the other members haha. it was like seeing the kids get their first varsity jersey in football. i saw his eyes light up that same way. so this week was a lot better than last week. but i better run mom and dad i love you guys! Happy birthday on saturday mom!!!!!!

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