Friday, April 1, 2011

hey hermits hahaha
so sounds like things are going good there, just livin the good life, eat, work, workout, eat again then relax haha. sometimes i wish i had a day like that haha. today is supposed to be p day, but not. just like last wednsday, americans are getting their visas and they are flying in tuesday nights. so that means working for us on wednsdays. i am waiting to train the new guy that got here last night right now. i have to teach them all about their cards and how not to get robbed here, haha, its great. next week we get five more americans on tuesday night too, so that will be the third p day that i dont have haha. but its alright we are needing missionaries bad!!! we are down to about 120 in our mission, and our mission is four states big. so it will be good to start getting americans again to reopen some of the areas, like the little cities here close to manaus. these weeks here in staff have been pretty crazy! lots and lots or work. i have been running non stop for the last two weeks. its almost the start of the month again, so i have been running all over the city trying to get all the new contracts of the houses signed and all the missionaries that are moving moved. just imagine 75 house owners calling you everyday wanting to raise prices, or telling you the missionaries have to leave the house before the eleventh, or that the houses need to be reformed cuz they are destroyed haha. it is all kinds of fun. i am learning a lot though!!!!! i have been way busy though. then we are working in the feild too. we are having good sucsess here, we have three dates for baptism marked of men. we are way excited about them. our baptism from two weeks ago, claudo, is struggling right now. it is so hard to see a person that you have worked with so much just be attacked by temptation. you go visit them four times in the week to try to give them strength, but then you have to see them fall. last night we went and visited him and he was just broken down. he had been doing the wrong things again and he just asked me why? why does it have to be so hard? he just gave me a hug and begged for my help. he just wants to be back where he was when he was baptized and feel that same way. it is really hard to watch! its like getting a little glimpse of what the savior feels when we do things wrong. but you really get a testimony of the saviors atonement. it's like god is letting you feel tiny, tiny bit of the pain, compared to the savior, for when you see the people you love do something wrong and fall. it really does hurt right down to your heart. but there is a saying about how you learn on the mission, that you learn from love or from pain. but it really is hard! sometimes it gets you down and you don't want to work but then you remember those times you learned from love and it motivates you. i'm excited for general conference this week! i wish i had this work sheet thing in english, that i have to help understand general conference better, so i could send you guys. it is way cool. it will be my first time using it. it tells you how to prepare for general conference, somethings to look for during it, and what to do after. then it has places how to take notes so you aren't just writing your arm off and missing half of the talk. it is way cool! one of the other missionaries and i are doing something cool too, we are gonna write down ten questions that we have, that are gospel related, and look for them in the talks and see how many get answered. but i better go, i think we are gonna try to get out for lunch today. i think we are going to a members house that is having an activity with the other missionaries. i love you guys talk to you next week

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