Wednesday, April 20, 2011

hey mom and dad
so here i am without another p day haha. its good for me though, at least that's what i know you would tell me mom. so sounds like you guys have been pretty busy there. Dad you sound like you are getting some good work in haha. just imagine that for 8 stakes and four branches and thats a little of what i get to do haha. i have to go buy boat tickets to a little place called Tefé for the people that are going to the temple. they are gonna be all shocked. they have never been out of their city of Tefé on the amazon river. i like working with the branches from the little cities here in amazonas though. i get to be like their chaufer when they come to manaus. so guess what i forgot to tell you? Elder Christofferson is coming this weekend and we get to have a meeting with him!!!! its gonna be awesome i will get to shake another apostles hand. things have been crazy around here though. the chapel and the mission office were reformed this week, so it will all be like new for the apostle. so i have been trying to get all the stuff done, getting all the stake presidents and branch presidents here working, while people are moving all my cabinets around painting and cleaning haha. it has been way crazy, but it made the week go by so quick! i swear it was yesterday that i emailed you guys! the transfer is almost over too, only one more week and i will start into my third transfer here in staff. can you believe i only have like five transfers left? my mission president goes home in two transfers then we get to help the new one get used to the manaus heat haha. our new mission president is Brazilian. he sounds like a really good guy, but then again you pretty much have to be when you are a mission president haha. it will be a little different when he comes, but it will be good. i just hope he doesnt leave me in staff till the end of my mission! i want to go to one of the little cities here in amazonas. we are getting nineteen missionaries this transfer, so we are gonna get to open up a lot of areas. we are gonna open one across the river, too, so maybe i can talk president into sending me there when i am done here in the office. the office is cool and all but i want to get out in the field again. so you guys got some stuff to send to my brazilian family? they do have a cd and dvd player so you are good to go. i went and ate pizza hut with them the other night. it's way funny, pizza hut is like a really nice resturaunt here. we ate all you can eat pizza and did some work!!! we ate so much haha. my companion almost got sick from how much he ate. remember my companion elder lopes? he finishes his mission in two weeks so we are gonna all go over to that families house next wednesday and have a little going away party. but other than that things are good here. i am teaching one of my good friend's, from the ward, family. he served a mission, and the only one from his family that is a member is his brother. so we are teaching his mom and brothers and sisters. they all went to church this week, so we are gonna try to make their baptism date this week. so keep your fingers crossed. but i got to run i'm gonna go eat some lunch. i love you guys. i got a package together for you, just am getting ready to send it. but i don't know if i should wait till that guy from my ward goes to vegas and just bring it to you. maybe i will just send the cd with all my pictures from my first memory card on it so it gets to you guys way fast. talk to you next week

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