Thursday, April 28, 2011

hey mom and dad
this weekend was really good but really busy for me. i had to transmit the conference with elder christofferson to the other missionaries in the different states in the mission. it was a little frustrating at times cuz i know absolutely nothing about computers but it was a good learning experience haha. but the actual conference was way good! i will have to print you out a copy of it when we get it all typed up. elder christofferson speaks Portuguese too, did you know that? so he did half of his talk in Portuguese and half in english. most of his talk was him opening up for questions from us. it was way cool. he was talking about the apostle's relationship with Christ and how they know for a fact that he lives and that he is our savior and how they have a very special relationship with Him. then someone asked the question how can we gain this special testimony of Christ and the reality him and his atonement. it was amazing what he said. he said that we have a special opportunity that is sitting in front of all our faces or on our book shelves at home. he started talking about, if he was in a trail and was being judged to see if he was lying about knowing that Christ lives, he would do one thing. then he picked up his book of mormon and said "i would lay this book in front of the judge and say this is the evidence that he lives, and you have the opportunity to know our savior Jesus Christ with the same surety as the apostles. its not about hearing his voice or seeing our savior but feeling the cleansing power of his eternal atonement. the way you get that absolute sure feeling to be able to stand in front of thousands of people and bearing a special testimony that Christ lives is by studying the book of mormon." we use the last three paragraphs of the introduction of the book of mormon a lot, but he had all of us open our scriptures and read the last paragraph where it says that we can receive a divine testimony from the holy ghost that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world. we were all blown away by how he emphasized it. so needless to say about a hundred and twenty missionaries, somewhere in the amazon jungle, have been studying the book of mormon everyday instead of the the other books in the missionary library. i had to put away jesus the christ in my studies so i can have that time to study the book of mormon better and understand better and really get to know my savior Jesus Christ. i loved the conference i didn't want to get out of that meeting cuz i felt relaxed and had a time to learn not having to worry about all the stuff in staff. so yes, the conference was very good! it sounds like easter was good there. it was good here too i went over to a really cool family's house in our ward and they gave me a giant chocolate egg haha. they love the missionaries!!!!! so tanner was feeling a little left out there huh? haha he is sixteen now right just have taylor take him on a date with one of those cute little lincoln county girls haha. that's funny though, I'm excited to see that kid when i get back he is gonna be so different. so we actually got a p day today!!!! we just got back from go carting haha. it was so fun! i lapped everyone haha. it is nice to relax a little bit. this week has been way stressful! my companion isn't doing so great, and we have had a few problems. but they are getting resolved friday when he has an interview with president. i think i might just sleep the rest of the day cuz i have been up at four thirty the past two mornings. yesterday we had to go get two families from a little city getting here by boat. they had been on that boat for three days getting here. so we got them back, let them get all showered up, and took them to buy some new church clothes, them put them on a plane at four in the after noon headed to são paulo to the temple. then today we had a zone activity at this indoor soccer field, way early, on the other side of the zone. so we went to that. but i think now I'm gonna go sleep. o, i talked to the missionary that sets up the flight and he will pass me the email and number of the lady in salt lake for you guys to set up the plane ride home from são paulo to the states for when you guys want it. and i will be able to call on mother's day whatever time. just let me know what would be a good time and i will call you then. its nice to have my own office where i make my schedule haha. love you guys. talk to you next week

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