Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 18, 2010

hey mom and dad
that is so crazy that you guys are in brazil!!! are you guys liking the food? is it rice and beans there everyday too?haha thats way awesome that you guys stayed in rio for a while. i want to go there one day, i hear it is pretty amazing there. how long were you guys there for? can you understand anyone?haha now you know how it was for me haha. things are all good here. i got my motorcycle magazine yesterday and i have already read it haha so you can send another in the next package haha. this week was good. we baptized bia and it was way awesome! she was so excited and we had alot of people there for the baptism. there is only two weeks left in this transfer so one of us will be leaving the area but we dont know who yet. other than that we are just workin our butts off in this heat. but we are loving it so thats all that counts haha. o the power went out for six hours here saturday night so you know what that meant, there was no sleeping for us haha. we went to church the next day zombies. we both fell asleep at lunch too it was way funny. we went home and slept alittle of it off though so that was good haha. so i got a couple of thing for you to send me. some of the members want some things from the US. haha. one wants a deterget ball for the washing machine. it is a ball you throw in the washing machine and you dont need to use detergent. they said an elder sent them one before. number two, haha, jorge asked me if you could send him a pair of chucks,the converse shoes. he said he will give the money to me if you can to pay for them. he wants them black and size 8 1/2 just the original chucks. and third my companion wants a pair of basketball shorts size large haha. so if you can let me know but if not its alright haha. i hope you guys are having a great time there, just be careful haha. and don't you worry about me here, but im glad you got to see a little glimpse of how im living here haha. love you guys and take care talk to you next week

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