Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hey mama
that's so crazy you are coming to brazil next week! you guys are gonna have a lot of fun. just be really careful especially in Rio. that place is pretty crazy! but you guys will be fine with jon there. and for the boy, bring him a cool pair of basketball shorts. and candy is always good too haha. i have no idea for the baby haha. thats razy about aunt danielle, thats way scary! i will be praying for her. just keep me updated. you guys think its hot there... hahahahahahahaha!!!!! o you lucky souls with 37 percent humidity. just imagine this, you get in the shower with cold water, get out, and in the time it takes you to dry off you are as wet as you were from your sweat haha. last night the power went out for three hours and you can't sleep when the power goes out cuz your bed turns into a swamp, haha. so from 3 to six this morning my companion and i were sitting out side of house trying to cool down haha. this week is different though. my companion is district leader and the first presidency is changing the teaching world wide, so all the leaders are at the mission home this week and i havee a different companion. it is a good change though, some times staying with the same person 24/7 is a little tough, haha. we had a baptism this week, joana. she was way excited and we are baptizing her mom the end of this month. we are just helping her get married to the missionary that served with ken hulse, haha. weird huh. but i am way excited for her. she is a special person. we will have another baptism on the 14th too. but things are good here. i am lovin the work and lovin the people. tell dad happy birthday i will be sending his present with your mother's day present here soon, haha. i am slacking on that part. i think i will just put christmas in there too, haha, get it all in one shot. but anyways, i got to run. i love you guys and tell everyone hi for me.

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