Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hey mom and dad
it sounds like things are going a little better there at home. just tell everyone to hang in there. is aunt danielle going to be able to walk and everything when she heals up? i have been praying alot for her and you guys too. everything is gonna turn out all right i know it. keep everyone positive there.
thats so crazy that you guys are gonna fly right over me here in a few weeks. i keep giving my companion crap tellin him my parents are gonna be in são paulo before he will haha trunky!!! haha things here are going better. we have been working with those three that we baptized alot and i think we got them back to where they need to be. we will have another baptizm this week. i am way excited for her. haha we are baptizing her mom too next month but have to marry her, and we told her daughter she could wait till then and she was all "NO i will be baptized next week" haha. it was way funny. they are way cool though. they are elites!!! they want to go to the temple so bad they can hardly stand it. but the area is goin good. i know about every road in this place now. haha. you know you have been in an area a long time when you recognize the dogs in the road haha. there is a rumor goin around that i will train a new missionary next transfer. haha i might pee my pants a little if i do haha. i have been out for eight months how crazy is that?! i can hardly beleive it. o it is official, i am terrible at soccer haha. we played all day today and barbequed with the other missionaries in the zone. haha it was funny, but there were other americans so i wasn't the only one that was terrible haha. i got to run though, mom and dad, we got a family night tonight with a really cool family in the ward. i love you mom and dad i am prayin for everyone there. o and dad dont you worry they were just saving you so they can call you to bishop in a little bit haha love you guys

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