Wednesday, May 12, 2010

hey mom and dad
so crazy week this week we had an emergency transfer because a missionary got his visa this week and arrived yesterday. so the crazy thigs is my comp got tranfered to portavelho so i got a new comp and have to teach him the area that i have been in for two weeks. haha. but we worked yesterday and i have no clue how i knew where to go but i did. we didnt get lost once and found two new families to teach. so i am pretty sure the lord new about this transfer about two weeks ago and made it so i could learn the area fast because there is no way i could have done it on my own. i only got a little bit of time today to write though so this is gonna be real short. but it was really good hearing from you and you don't have to wory about me being trunky i have too much on my hands here haha. my comp is from são paulo, his name is elder lopes, he is way cool. he is way excited to work here so we are good to do work in this area. there hasnt been a baptism here in six months. but i got to go i love you guys alot. o and where are you going to stay in são paulo? talk to you next week love ya

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