Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MOM DAD i am in MANAUS!!! how awesome is that! my flight was good it was way long but good! it was a twelve hour flight to sao paulo then a five hour flight to manaus. i lucked out there were four missionaries from sao paulo on my flight with me and three or them were from brazil so they could talk and help me get there. when we flew in i was thinkin where is manaus i thought it was a big city and then we landed in this tiny airport and got out and took buss thing with president (not a boat) ya they totaly built this city in the jungle! how awesome is that! i went to presidents house and they fed us lunch then took us to the mission home to get our suplies and our trainers/companion. my trainers name is Elder Galacher he is from arizona so i lucked out and got an american trainer. he is way cool he is way nice too he takes care of me real good. so you know how they say thats not the langauge i learned in the mtc well my mission that is really true. we went and taught the first lesson last night and didnt understand anything! i bore my testimony and the end though. i asked my trainer why i couldnt under stand and he told me manaus has a different dialect of protuguese then any where else in brazil! so i am relearning manaus portugues haha you shold see where i live it is nuts! picture those slums you see in the movies and thats it and i live in one of the nicer places. the place we taught last night was missing like half of a wall and was just crazy. i do have a shower but no hot water but you dont really need it here. it is hot but not to terribley bad they said it is really cool right now. we have got lots of rain but you pretty much cant feel yourself getting wet haha. today is my p day so we are going around the city. its is really nothing like a city except down town. i think it is pretty awesome. i have already eaten something nasty it was this shrimp flovored biscut thing and it tasted straight like butt! the lunch we were fed today was good though amazing rice chichen and really good beans. i am liking it here so far just hard to understand anyone and i am tryin to get used to the change. and mom you thought the taxis in newyork were bad you have no idea haha ther are pretty much no traffic laws here and people walking in the road like seriosly we brush people when they drive by them. it is pretty crazy. i cant wait to send you pictures! you are going to freak out haha. anyways we teach some more people tonight and we have a baptism this monday so that is way cool. friday i get to try to taech a group of brazilians enlglish so that will be interesting haha. ya know since i cant speak portugues haha but it will be good. i had this mango last night and it was awesone! o ya i forgot i watched the people at lunch today eat pe de frango or in english feet of the chicken haha. well mom and dad i have to run i think but i will talk to you next week i love you both tell everyone i made it safe and i love them. talk to you later.

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