Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hey momno that wasnt me haha i dont know elder stapley haha. my companions name is elder gallacher. but any ways haha things a pretty good here pretty hot and sweaty but good. it has been over a hundred the past two days with a hundred percent hunitidy so it has been a cooker haha no i am not grumpy though haha. our english lesson went well we taught the numbers and greetings haha it was nice not to be the only one struggling with a langauge. i under stand more every day and have a little more confidence to speak every day as well. the families we are teaching are great we are teaching this girl maned joyce and her husband renioso he is already batized but was inactive and we are batizing joyce this saturday so that is way cool. we had a kind of hard sitiation with the guy named cristinano. we met him while we were with the bishop and he was crying and he told us it was because his wife just left him so the bishop asked if he wanted help and he said yes so the bishop said we could help him so we marked an appointment with him. we went over there two nights later and caught him walking to his house so we walked with him and talked till we got to his house and he said we couldnt go in his house. we asked why and he said cuz i got lots of drugs in there so we sat out front his house with him and talked all about why he does drugs and he relizes that they are destroying his life and that is why his wife left him but he cant stop. so we left him with a book of mormon and a part to read to help him. we came back two days later and caught him leaving his house so we started walking with him and he said he had stoped but couldnt take it any more and he was going to buy drugs to kill himself right them so we asked if he wanted our help and he said no so i dont know how my companion knew what to say but he told him something like this.... god loves you cristiono and you are a very special person to him he will help you tonight. then he started crying a little and told us to leave. the next day we were in front of a members house and we saw him walking down the road he stoped and smiled and shook our hands and left so i was glad to see that. well mom i got to go but i think i am doing good with everything and i have everything i need mabe some candy we have been craving american candy but no chocolate haha love you mom talk to you next week

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