Wednesday, January 26, 2011

thats what im talkin about, the packers in the superbowl!!!!!!!!!! see i just had to leave the country then they start playing better haha. i bet bret favre wishes i would have left alot earlier haha. that's way cool though. that's cool that dantly broke the niaa record too. does he have any ofers to any schools? that's way cool though. ok, so yes, i got everything in the package and am liking everything haha. my white shirt is a little big, but it still fits, and i wore it on sunday and everyone could tell the difference haha. i am glad i got a new memory card too. the only bad thing was that i bought a pen drive like the week before cuz my camera was full. but its alright cuz it was cheap and now i just have that many more pictures i can take haha. i'm going to pick up my scripture case after i get done here. i am way excited. i will take a picture with the hippy so you can see how cool he is. you should see the jaguar tooth my companion is getting. it is so huge, like, i'm sure it was used to eat five or six people haha. but it will be cool to go to center today. it's always nice to take a break from missionary work and just be normal for a while. so you guys have got me all planed out do ya? haha. maybe later down the road but, i have to finish school first so that means back to reno for awhile. and probably not the whole dozen kids either haha. i think two or three is plenty hahaha. im getting way too old!!!!! it scares me a little bit sometimes haha. but we will see how it is here in ten months. so grandma wrecked her car? thats no good. but it's just a good thing that she is alright. we have had a pretty rough time lately. so, the important part is that she is alright. as for us here, we are doing pretty good. we are getting a family married and baptised that the missionaries have been working with for four years. we are way excited for them!!!! they are going to all the activities and going back to church now. we have been going over there alot and play around with them then teach them. it is awesome. the other night they were pretty amazed by my magic tricks haha. i taught them one of them, and they thought that was pretty cool. it is way good to see them finally feel that this is what they need in their life. we are gonna help them get there this time. they turned the papers in yesterday for marriage and now its just waiting twenty days. so get some prayers going out for them there in the states. you know what they say the ones who take the longest are the strongest. but other than that, we are just working our butts off here. we have some down days but we get through them, i mean, you don't really have a choice. you either get through it or just roll over and die. i think that is something i am learning here, to play the best game with the cards i am delt and to not give up. cuz it gets frustrating walking around in this sun all day to get told no by hundreds of people. but then it's all worth it when you find that one person or one family. so i am learning a little bit on the mission and its the best stuff i have learned for me in my whole life and probably the rest of it haha. but i am liking it and can't hardly beleive i have only got ten months left. it's crazy!!!! but i got to run. we are gonna go get our hippy stuff. love you mom and dad talk to you next week.

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