Wednesday, February 2, 2011

hey mom and dad
sounds like things are going good back home. that's way cool about dantley. that's cool about loralee too. where is that college? is aunt sally gonna let her out of her reach haha. that's awesome that dave won the nationals, but it's sad to hear he is riding a honda. now who am i suposed to get my parts from haha. but that's alright. that just means ktm has got an open spot for me on their team when i get home haha. so i did get my hippy stuff last week. it is way cool! i will send you some pictures of them. and don't worry, i'm not real far from the jungle, but i am pretty sure my companion could take a jaguar. he is a big dude haha. just kiddin. you dont have to worry. we are never in the jungle. we did take a walk to see it the other day, but it was during the day time and we didn't go in it. things are going pretty good for us. the only bad thing was yesterday we had a service project and i got attacked by some gnarly amazon ants haha. they weren't real big, but let me tell you, they packed a punch haha. but they are better today, so that's good. things are going good. we got the coupe all entered in for marrige, and they were all together at church this week. they already look like members. they were all in white shirts and ties and with scripture cases. they are ready. all they need is this marriage to run smooth. they treat us better than the members do when we go over to their house haha. they always have something for us to eat. they are way cool. i think i am gonna make a better than family home evning cake for them cuz they want to try an american cake haha. tonight we are going to all you can eat pizza for my companions one year day. it is cool cuz it's cheap and we can just hammer them there haha. its 5 bucks to get in, then you can just do work haha. i don't know if they are ready for my companion. he was a lineman in highschool, if that tells you anything. it's good, i don't have to worry about getting robbed with him haha. but i got to run mom and dad. i love you guys

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