Monday, September 19, 2011

hey mom and dad
well i still havent left yet haha but i will fly out wendsday morning but it will be better cuz i am going by jumper plane now so it will only take about two hours. it will be my first time in a little plane im pretty excited. im getting way anxious to go though. i cant stay still i just want to get out of the office haha. we will leave six in the morning on wednesday and come back some time next week it will be really good. they said there is tons of people there that are ready for baptism. we called there and they said that last sunday a soccer team went and was wanting to get baptised. i wish i was getting on the plane tomorrow morning haha. i dont thing i am gonna wanna come back when i get out there. but i think i will get to go back there or to another place cuz i have to find some other houses for missionaries because these little towns might open up to have full time missionaries there cuz there are tons of missionaries coming to manaus. next transfer we will get 22 more missionaries and will open up like six more areas. it will be really good. this week was a good week here too. first off Elder Godoy came to speak to us and was really good. then had a little meeting just with secretaries it was cool to get to know a seventy better. he asked us where we were from and how much time we have on our missions and my companion and i told him and so did the kids we are training and he looked at the two we are training and told them that the Lord has blessings reserved for them here in the office like things they will learn the looked at us two and said and you two the lord is preparing is preparing or has already prepared a young lady to be your wife.........!!!!!!!! pump the breaks there Elder Godoy hahaha im just a young buck. hahaha my companion and i just kind off looked at each other with eyes the size of oreo cookies. it was pretty funny we didnt really know what to say back to him haha very akward moment but it was a good one. it getting way close i dont know if i am ready for it. i am just gonna live this last little bit up and im sure when i see you guys i will be ready. but ya back to this week and away from the trunkyness haha. we baptised a girl named cleisianne. remember that fifteen year old girl i told you about she is doing all sorts of missionay work. there was a camp for all the youth a few weeks ago to get all the kids away from the city during the Independence day of brazil cuz it gets a little wild and she brought cleisianne with her on this camp out. the day they come back we get a phone call from Cleisianne and said "i have never felt anything like what i felt at that camp out when the speakers were talking to us, what day can i be baptized" so she was baptized this week on her 18th birthday it was way cool. we are still working with the big family that we found. they are passing some through some dificulties but who wouldnt it their situation. but we are gonna help them and get them all baptized. it is just being really hard cuz the dad has the tomer in his brain and is having hard times remembering things and it is scaring him so he is really protective of himself from his family right now. like he doesnt want to show that he is sick to his family and it is causing some arguments between them. but i know the Lord will help them. they love us, they all sit down together when we are there and are more together when we are there but we cant be there all the time. it is a hard situation for them to go through but when they let the savior walk them through this path that he has already walked they will all find the peace and rest from the struggle and the happiness that it brings even in the worst of the situations. but i better run mom and dad i will write you next week im not sure what day but hopefully monday if not it will be whenever i get back from Mau├ęs. love you guys

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