Monday, September 26, 2011

hey mom and dad
I'm back!!!! it was amazing in Maués! i didn't want to leave there. we got on the plane early this morning and headed back for manaus. the little city had that small town feel to it. we worked our butts off there! i came back just about as dark as i was when i came to the office. the people there are amazing! they are very loving and very simple. we had three people to baptize but the day of the baptism they decided that they want to wait and be baptized with the rest of their family. we found two families that are wanting to be baptized but need to get married first. it is gonna be so great when they get their papers all done. the branch there is way excited. we taught almost all of the people with a member there with us. it was a great experience for my and gave me a really good feeling to be out in the field again! i loved the people of the branch too. the branch president is so awesome! he took us out to a restaurant for lunch and we ate fresh fish from there. he is so funny he is a simple man and loves everyone in Maués. he is one of those kind of guys that you cant ever imagine him mad haha. the trip there was really cool too. we went in an airplane that only holds ten people. i could only take 20 lbs with me so we each took about 15 pounds of church supplies and 5 pounds of clothes haha. lets just say my white shirts were pretty by the time i got back to manaus haha. i will probably get to go back there here in a week or so cuz i had to find a house for the missionaries for when they get back out there. i had to bring three different choices to president with all the information and he made his choice which one he wants and said i will probably go back there to close the deal before the transfers come. i will be happy if i do haha. but it was a great experience for me it was exactly what i was needing to keep me excited out here. but i have to run we have a family homevening to go to tonight. i will talk to you guys next week. i love you

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