Thursday, March 17, 2011

hey mom and dad
wow another week gone by! they fly by here in staff! so, you can tell dad he can go ahead and do that with the money, or he can try to find a ford ranger painted blue with a chevy symbol on the front .......wait that won't do, it still would be a ford. so it would still break down haha. so we will be better off just using the money for that stuff. i'm excited to get pictures of his new truck! i bet you are just like a little kid with a new toy dad haha. that's crazy about josh getting out of japan one week before the tsunami. we have been hearing a lot about it. we got to see some videos too, SO CRAZY!!!! we were informed that all the missionaries were safe. it's really a miracle that they are. the lord takes really good care of us! we have some families that are still worried cuz they have family members there and some haven't heard from them yet. so we are praying that everything is alright. that's crazy bruce is going to south africa!!! i hadn't heard about it. when does he leave? that's cool that he gets to speak english too. is aunt mara freaking out yet? haha i remember when i got my call, you and aunt valinda cried cuz i was going to brazil. i could just imagine africa! that is way cool, im excited for him. so dad is workin you to death huh mom haha. its good for you both, you guys will be in better shape than i am by the time i get home haha. things are good here. we have four baptisms this saturday that we are way excited about! we have been working like crazy! all of the people that will be baptised live in the furthest part of our area too ,so we have gotten a good work out this week. it's nice to have carnival over with so we can do stuff. this is the last week of the transfer so i will have a new comp next time i write. crazy how time flys by here. one transfer down four more left till i get to pass this job to someone eles haha. no it's not that bad, just stressful sometimes balancing missionary stuff with office stuff. but way good for me. we get to work right by president, so its way cool getting to know him better. he is super smart! he graduated from byu and harvard in chemistry and was teaching it at byu hawaii. he helps us out a lot with stuff. what ever question we have about the gospel he explains to us. its like having a seventy by your side while you are studying haha. but other than that manaus is good ole manaus. but i got to run mom and dad. i love you guys and will talk to you next week. tell everyone i love them

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