Wednesday, March 23, 2011

hey mom and dad
i love dads truck! he just needs to put some big tires on it now and it will be set. that reflection of that blue truck is lookin pretty nice too haha. thats awesome that the 350 got the hole shot last week! did you guys send motorcycle magazines in the packeage you sent me? there is a street motorcycle track right behind our house and they have races every saturday and sunday. it is killing me haha. so you guys are getting all ready for mothers day huh? me too i have the web cam now and have my account set up. elder wardle (my last companion) helped me get it all set up before he got transfered, so we are good to go. i am excited for it! it will be the last call home before you guys come here to get me. it will be a lot easier to get things set up now that i am in staff too cuz we buy the tickets home. we just did it for an elder where his mom and dad came and picked him up. it is pretty easy to do. so that is good. things in staff are going good. we had three baptisms on saturday. it was way awesome! we got together with the other missionaries in the other ward that go to the same chapel and did a big baptism together. it was way good! remember the man that i told you about that is way smart? he got baptized and right after he got out of the font he came up and gave me a big hug and told me "thanks, i'm a new man now". it was the greatest feeling! he had lots of stuff he gave up to be baptized. he was a heavy smoker and drinker at one time in his life. he let go drinking but had problems with smoking. he let it all go though. he started smoking when he was twelve and let it go. that is amazing. the other two that were baptized, Rosinilde and Amanda, were elects ( i think thats how you say it in english). they were members just needing to be baptized. they were so happy to get baptized! they have been at all the family home evenings and participating in all the activities. its great. Maybe we have another baptism this weekend, Tiago, but we are not sure cuz he works in a little city about three hours from manaus and just comes home for the weekend. but sometimes he has to stay there, but they have a church there too. and he has gone every week that he couldn't come here. so it will either be this week or the next for his baptism. things got a little stressful here during transfers cuz all the secretaries pretty much don't sleep. we run around picking up missionaries when they fly in and have to buy the new tickets and get the other ones on the planes haha. we have people flying out from noon until two or three in the morning. so it has been crazy here! last night we were beat!!!! we just got up stairs and crashed haha. i dont think i moved all night long. it is nice though cuz president allows us to sleep in after transfers to get caught up on our sleep so we dont get sick. i am feeling pretty good now but my eyes are still showing the efects of transfers haha. we do get out on p days and stuff so thats good. i think we are going to the zoo today to relax a little bit. but i will talk to you later mom and dad. i love you guys!

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