Monday, November 7, 2011

hey mom and dad
i think i am gonna freeze to death haha. i cant believe that a little under a month i will be home. i am getting way excited for you two to get here. i got some suggestions from the other parents that came here . first put bug spray on with lots of deet before you get into manaus haha. bring pepto bismal, and be ready to sweat. i visited my Brazilian family today and we are getting everything planed out for you guys. i will be there to pick you up at the airport. haha that's kind of funny cuz its usually the opposite. then we will go some places. you didn't let me know if we are gonna rent a car or not. you guys can decide if you are up to driving in brazil. you don't have to worry about bringing so many suit cases, just bring me one big one. i don't have very much stuff, haha. i am gonna leave a bunch of my shirts and ties here with these two young guys we baptized. they are really cool, and it will be really nice for them to have some church clothes. some thing i was thinking about you bringing for me though is my sunglasses, those black ones that you like so much haha, my pair of levis, i don't know how to explain them. they are my boot cut ones. i think you might have got them for me, actually. cuz im not sure what the weather is gonna be like in belo horizonte. did you find my black shorts? i cant beleive its coming so fast haha.
that is way cool about grandpa's work being done. i bet i was a very special experience. i know he is really grateful to be sealed to grandma cuz of how much he loved her. not many people make it more than fifty years in marriage. he loved her a lot so just imagine how he feels, knowing first off with the different perspective that he has, and to know he is sealed to the person he loves most for time and all eternity. but i have to run mom and dad. i love you guys. o and i almost forgot elder da cunha my old companion asked if you guys could get him a cheap shirt from vegas that says welcome to vegas or what happens in vegas stays in vegas, just one of those souvenir shirts that they have there. he wears a large. talk to you next week. love you

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