Monday, October 3, 2011

hey mom and dad
wow another week gone by! i cant hardly believe it! i am just about to my last transfer. it is gonna go by way fast. i head back to Mau├ęs on monday for another week i am way excite about that! them i will be transferred to somewhere. President said The Lord is gonna be real good to me too so im not really sure what that means haha. i am thinking he is gonna put me as the new main traveling assistant to go to all these little towns that have never had missionaries there before but we will see here in a few weeks. that's good that you guys got your rooms reserved at the hotel it is really nice that. i had a member call me this week and said if we wanted to we could stay in an apartment they have in the center of the city if we wanted but it will be good at the hotel too. my companion is headed home here in 15 days so he is real trunkey but we are still working hard. we had a real break through with that family that i told you about. the dad went to the priesthood session of conference and watched with tears in his eyes. he loved it. we are gonna do everything we can to get them baptised this week. they are ready and needing it so bad so that Christ can take this big burden off their backs. they are gonna get there i know it. i really liked conference. it is really nice to get two days out of the office feeling the spirit so strong listening to men called of God to bring his messages to us. every time conference comes around on the mission i realized how much i took for granted having a living prophet on the earth today. today was a good day. we finally had a p-day haha. we went and had a bbq with the second counselor of the bishopric and played some fun games. i have some important news though i have officially served a mission now........ i have be bit by a dog hahahaha. i was running after a ball in this game we were playing and i guess the dog liked white meat and gave it a taste haha. but don't worry mom i will not get rabies he just got my pants haha. these pants were warriors too they lived through the fire and through 22 months of mission but lost to the mouth of a dog haha. but he was just wantin to play too. it was a lot of fun there but i am beat!!! i talked to my Brazilian family yesterday they are way excited for you guys to get here. i think Gildete wants us to hide her in our suitcase and bring her back with us haha she wants to visit the states so bad haha. he husband has already been there a bunch of time with his work and she thinks it about time for her to get to go haha. they are gonna help out a lot though. because on the monday before we head out to belo horizonte from four to eight at night i will have to be at presidents house for the last interviews and dinner. president usually invited the families to participate to but if that doesn't work out you guys can stay with Gildete and the family. it will be a pretty busy couple of days seeing everyone but they will be good. hey I'm gonna send you the information of the doll that jessica asked if you can grab and what are you guys thinking about the guitar? if there is no way don't worry about it but he would be really grateful if there was a way so just get back to me as soon as you can so we can have time to get it bought and on its way there if you guys can do it.
i love you guys and am very thankful for your support. i am very thankful for the card from aunt Valinda i can feel the great love she has for me through that little piece of paper ever week and it touched my heart to get one from aunt Bonnie in her own handwriting. give them both a great big hug for me and tell them i love them. Give Grandma a special hug for me and let her know there are prayers going out of the Amazon for her. i love you two mom and dad.

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